eBay Sale of the Week: Starbucks Collector Series Coffee Mugs

Following up on the other week’s Amazon FBA Sale of the Week, I thought I would share a nice little eBay sale I had a couple weeks ago.

Starbucks Coffee mugs have always been a collectors item, even the generic ones, since the brand has such a cult following. However, they have also released a number of Collector Series mugs that feature different cities. Some of these can bring big money for rarer mugs like International cities going for upwards of $200, yet many common ones will consistently sell for $35+. The best part is that these can usually be found for so cheap!

starbucks_denver_mugThis was the first Collector Series mug I had come across, and not surprisingly it featured Denver. I popped into a Salvation Army in Boulder to take a quick look around and this mug was sitting on the shelf. It was dated 2009 on the bottom.

The best part was the price! A wildly expensive $0.39…yes, 39 cents. So with sales tax I spent 42 cents on the mug!

After searching the completed and sold listings on eBay for the same mug, I decided to shoot a little high of a price at $44.99 and see what happened. Since I barely had anything invested in it, I didnt mind if it sat for a while. After 2 weeks, I lowed it down to $39.99 with still no action but a few watchers. On the 4th week that I had it listed, I got an offer for $34.99 and accepted it.

Shipping cost me about $5 bucks and not surprisingly, stayed local and was only shipped to someone in Denver.

Here’s how the profit works out:

Item Cost $0.42
Estimated Time Invested $5.00
Total Cost $5.42
Sale Price $34,99
Less Shipping $5.09
Less eBay & PayPal Fees $4.46
Total Received
Less Cost -$5.42
Total Profit $20.02

Not too bad for an investment of less than a dollar!


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